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Audi‬ RS7

Audi‬ RS7‬ ‪‎track‬ ready now with some lighter ‪OZ‬ ‪wheels‬ and tires setup. This beast should be real run in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for some big upgrades. Already sporting the full ‪Milltek‬ ‪‎exhaust...
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Audi C7 S6

C7 ‪Audi‬ S6‬ getting a full RS7‬ ‪turbo ‪‎swap with full ‪‪Milltek‬ ‪‎exhaust and other goodies to follow. Take your S6 from all around great sedan to pure ‪‎beast‬. ‪Tune ‪upgrade thanks to APR for...
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